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“Every design is a base for colour, every colour is the attribute of a form.” Victor Vasarely

A story made of suggestive images, every picture is an idea, an emotion, a journey through colour in every shape. The eclectic visual storyteller Simone Bramante narrates Santoni through its mastery in colouring, entering deep into matter to celebrate an authentic art, suspended in time and space.
Bramante, painter behind the camera lens, paints the Santoni picture, tells its story with his brush strokes, so light, almost playful, depicts it with vivid, never shallow tones, showing the kaleidoscope of emotions which hide behind the creation of a handmade shoe. The ritual, always the same yet always new, comes to life from the raw material, from leather of every kind and shape. Absolute protagonist of exploded views rich with details, the iconic Santoni double buckle reveals itself, its true soul and all its world, its single parts and of course all its colours. Colours and shades with which Bramante plays, multicolour reflections through the glass, music like colour scales. The Santoni shoe becomes a Jazz swing, simple yet beautiful music, apparently improvised on the spot, but that in reality hides a master class ability, a deep complex preparation and an unparalleled dedication.
In this world of colours Bramante and Santoni together choose Blue as identity trait, timeless noble colour, the depth of a gaze, the most secret voice of the sea, the silence of a night sky. Blue as the symbol of the style and the absolute elegance that have always marked the Santoni DNA. A Rhapsody in Blue: Bramante, like Gershwin with music, tells with colour and emotion the unique story, the individuality and the savoir faire of Santoni.

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