Creating Beauty has been our mission for almost fifty years.


In order to remain faithful to this solemn commitment, it essential to take into account the ecosystem in which a Maison operates and the manufacturing product which is the end result of that mission.

For us at Santoni hands are everything: hands shape, assemble, add colour and, finally, give an unrepeatable identity to each object. Hands are why we are proud to call ourselves a Manufacturer, because we create real objects, designed to last in time, capturing their spirit. Beauty is not only the result but is also the process that guides us: a unique way of doing things, craftsmanship that is open to innovation.


Corporate social responsibility is not only a value that identifies Santoni, but has for many years also become a commitment consisting of concrete actions whose purpose is to include the principles of sustainability into its management models, turning them into strategic assets.

Right from when Santoni was founded by my father Andrea in 1975 and, even more so, after the publication of the first 2021 Sustainability Report, Santoni has recognised sustainability as a central tool for defining its company strategy for the next three years, the key points of which are increasing its turnover, expansion into new market segments, product and process innovation, and improving its company organisation as a whole.

Our artisans, who are true Masters of Excellence, are the pulsating heart of the company. It is from their passion, dedication and skill that the elegant Beauty of which we are creators originates.

The philosophy we have embraced comes from the profound desire to combine the Art that our artisans are capable of creating, with industrial technological progress, thus enhancing through this synergy of purpose and resources the value of all-Italian manufacturing and savoir-faire for which footwear and accessories are famous all over the world, while strongly valorising their territory of origin.

Our territory, Marche region, is a continuous source of inspiration for us and the point of reference for sustainable production, above all because it is logistically smart.

For us, Creating Beauty, means looking to the future, always, with our sense of curiositas which is a natural drive towards new goals in terms of technological and green innovation, and with our rich heritage in our hearts.