We have welcomed our people back.
The world has changed, but something has remained the same:
all together, we will continue to create Beauty.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to build a new way for our manufacture, introducing strict social distancing, safety and hygiene measures and we have advanced them even further to protect our teams.
We are ready.
All spaces were sanitized, for a total surface of 20.000 square meters; protective devices were purchased for all employees, not only masks and gloves required by the official protocol, but also protective glasses, caps, gowns and disinfectant solutions, which compose the individual protection kit that we want to give to each employee.
Measurement of body temperature twice a day, definition of working tournaments and differentiated entry points are foreseen to guarantee the distance, as well as the management of the common areas.
At the entrance there are stations for the disinfection of footwear, while the sanitization of spaces is guaranteed periodically during working hours, as well as at the end of the day.
All our people are specially informed and trained on new ways of working, on basic safety rules, on how to use common areas and company spaces, as the collaboration of individuals is of fundamental importance. To this end, special roles have been set up to be in charge of safety and to guarantee any kind of support to the employees.
Everyone in Santoni wants to come back to work, to find a new normality, and every one knows for sure he will be safe and protected in Santoni.
This is our responsibility. Our employees, our partners, all our customers can fully rely on Santoni as a solid and responsible company that is close to every individual involved.
Santoni is a Family, and in a family everyone takes care of the other.

We are a manufacture, the passionate and savvy hands of our artisans are the real protagonists of our story.
Our future starts today, and we are in it together.