Santoni Edited by Marco Zanini

In fashion, today, there is too much of everything.
Less is better.
The choice is to edit.
It's consciuos, emotional, radical choice.
Santoni, edited: a selection of items based on specific point of view - an edit - not a collection.
Classic, re-intended in material, colors.
Proportions and detail.
Both timely and timeless.
Familiar items: immediately recognizable.
Yes slightly unexpected.
The viewpoint is radical: subdued, fashion free luxury as proposed by an author, Marco Zanini, who is used to created fashion.
The jacket, the peacoat, to be used over the years, creating emotional bond.
As it happes with shoes.
The edit is tight: jacket, sweaters, small accessories , as to define a system of elements that over itme can be expanded.
Modified, ridefined.

Soulful objects to be worn and to be used.

Truth is, honesty, utility, seen through the curation eye of an author who designed by way of editing.

The radical and unremitting luxury of apparent anonimity only experts and connoisseurs can detect right away.