From June 12th to 18th, the Italian Maison reveals the behind-the-scenes of its craftsmanship with an installation in the Milanese Quadrilatero della Moda.

As poetic as a painter’s atelier – the installation consists of a tableau vivant where a Master of Beauty and his palette of colors unveil the secrets of Santoni’s ancient glazing technique, handed down from generation to generation by the guardians of this precious cultural heritage.

Craftsmanship, tradition, and the excellence of Made in Italy, all linked by the colors as a branded code – starting from the iconic Arancio Santoni and leading to the captivating palette of Le Marche landscape. This is how Santoni brings Milan Fashion Week to Via Monte Napoleone 6, in front of its boutique, with an installation that will celebrate and tell the mastery in craftsmanship and the hands of the Makers of Beauty in charge of creating this magic, from Wednesday, June 12th to Tuesday, June 18th.

Hands are the true symbol of Santoni.

Hands that shape, mold, color, and ultimately give each accessory its unique identity. Skilled and expert hands capable of expressing creativity and passion, and pass their know-how from one generation to another.

This is a tribute to contemporary craftsmanship, where the smartest use of technology in the creative process adds an additional layer of depth, precision, and romantic atmosphere to every piece of art. It is also a story of patience, as creating Beauty requires time – each brushstroke, each color shade, each inlay, cut holds a patient wait, according to the respect for the natural rhythms of the creative process. Thus, as time passes, Beauty takes shape, molded by the artisan’s hand and is enriched and empowered by their unique vision.