Santoni is drawing from the abundant natural beauty of its native region for its new Pre-Fall 2024 campaign. A compelling campaign that captures the beauty, spirit, and elegance of the land and culture that Santoni is born of.

Set in the lush landscape of Le Marche, the inspiring series of images and short videos bring to life the stories of a day’s transformation in the magical Marchigiano countryside as the mist roll over the hills and the sun shifts from the soft light of the morning to the awe-inspiring golden hues of dusk, revealing the radiance of the territory.

"The Pre-Fall imagery is reassuring, luxurious and intimate"

The protagonists—a group of friends wearing the season’s iconic styles, such as the Andrea loafer, ThePluto bag and the new Atlantis dress shoes — are captured against the verdant landscape. From a couple meandering down sloping hills in pared-back DBS Oly sneakers to the group of friends taking in endless views in richly-textured Carlo and Carla suede loafers, the imagery conveys a sense of ease, comfort and style that transcends time.

At once romantic and grounded, the campaign artfully captures the bond between Le Marche’s awe-inspiring terrain and Santoni’s inherent luxury. With every visual story of connection, authenticity and innate refinement unfolds, revealing the true magic of Le Marche and through it, Santoni.

Amidst the scenic splendour, a seamless blend of comfort and style emerges, underscoring Santoni’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and timeless design. With each element, from the intimate close-ups to the enveloping group scenes, Santoni’s Pre-Fall campaign is a celebration of luxury, elegance, and the pure joys of theeveryday. Beyond seasonal fashion, it’s a continuum about a way of life that is inspiring, warm and forever crafted with moments of magic.